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Balaji Exporters


Indian agricultural products


we're passionate about delivering the finest quality agricultural products to our valued customers worldwide. Based in the heart of Rajasthan, India, we specialize in the export of a diverse range of commodities including oilseeds, sugar, rice, and many more essential agricultural products.

The Product

Experience the rich flavors and nutritional goodness of our premium groundnut, sesame, and soybean products. From the creamy richness of Peanut butter to the versatile uses of sesame seeds and the protein-packed goodness of soybeans, each offering promises a delightful journey for your taste buds. Discover unmatched quality and freshness with every purchase.

Bowl of Split peanuts

The Service

In our service section, explore our white labelling packages, offering customizable solutions tailored to your brand's needs. From product formulation to packaging design, we provide comprehensive support to help you bring your vision to market seamlessly at exceptional price range

Peanut Farming in Rajasthan

The Quality

Indian oilseeds are renowned for their exceptional quality, boasting high oil content and rich nutritional profiles. Cultivated using traditional methods and modern agricultural practices, these oilseeds uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring purity and freshness. Indian oilseeds are a testament to excellence in agriculture.

ship of Containers
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